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Compare Punching Games

When considering purchasing a punching game machine or sometimes called a boxer machine, punching bag machine, or boxing machine, there are many factors to keep in mind. While all the machines will challenge punching ability and skill, some machines will provided different features and settings that are not standard to all machines. 

Punching game machines are an awesome addition to any arcade, game room, rec center, basement, man cave, or other space and can provide tons of fun and competition for the players that just can't be found in any other game machine. Bring the state fair mentality and buzz to your space and see how your punches and strength compare to others, and even win prizes along the way in many machines. Lets get to some of the major distinctions between punching game machines that we sell at


Some punching game machines are meant for larger spaces while some are available in compact or even wall-mounted options. The space in which the machine will be placed should be measured and accounted for in order to choose which machine is right for you. The dimensions of each machine will be listed in the product description so there won't be any confusion. Many games stand between 80 and 100 inches tall, 20- 40 inches wide, and 30-50 inches deep or somewhere along those lines. We do carry different size machines so make sure and read the details before purchasing. 

Prize or No Prize

Many of the machines we carry come with a prize capsule dispenser that can be used to rewards players for certain achievements. These machines are designed to increase profits in arcades or simply add fun functionality to the games if interested. These can be added on to some machines and come standard in a few. These would be a great addition to encourage players to keep playing and bring in more profits to your business. Most machines don't come with the prize function so make sure and look for the details in the product descriptions. 

Combo Kicking Machine

 A punching game machine doesn't do just that, we carry a few machines that are combo punch and kick machines. These machines included a lower section where the kicking pad comes out to test the players kicking ability as well. These are fun and add another component to the competition between players. This is a great value add for the players and will be a huge advantage to other machines in the room. Added profits are sure to come from this combo as well.

Kid Sized Fun

Look for a smaller sized punching game machine if you're wanting to get the kiddos involved in this arcade boxing fun. We carry the Kalkomat Dog boxer for just that purpose. This full color dog designed machine is perfect for the younger audience and adults alike. Check the dimensions to see just how this will fit with your space perfectly and keep the kids entertained.

Design Theme

We think the best part about all of the different arcade boxing machines we carry is all of the different design styles and themes across the site. If you have a specific theme for your arcade or game room you should be able to find a boxer that fits your theme. From dragons, to dogs, to Americana themed, to spiders, and more, you can find a punching game machine to fit your needs. Many are available in an assortment of colors as well so pick your favorite color and order it in to fit your room. Don't settle for a boring punching machine, order a unique arcade machine that adds value to your space and is a unique talking point for your friends. 

In the End, Its All About the Fun

No matter which machine you choose, they're all built for fun and competition so don't take it too seriously. You will enjoy any of the machines we have available for you and they're available with many different options to fit your space.

If you have any questions about these punching game machines or any other  please contact us right away and we would be glad to assist you.